Accedor is a Marketing consultancy in Milton Keynes.

We provide Marketing strategies, Brand Management, Sales and Marketing programs, Marketing Campaigns and CRM implementation for small and medium businesses to seize business opportunities.

Seize the opportunity!

You have probably noticed that the best business opportunities often come from where we least expect, by people we normally don’t consider.

The time and effort spent by the Sales and Marketing teams to convert the opportunities seen by all your competitors might not pay off.

With the right marketing strategy in place, your business will start converting business opportunities more efficiently, including those hidden ones.

Marketing strategy

Marketing is not a standalone activity, therefore to achieve success means to develop a marketing strategy aligned with your company’s objectives and goals.

Secondly, a Marketing Plan will be set up to help you understand your business and how your market works. It will also reveal the company’s unique value proposition, enabling clear decision-making. The marketing plan describes how to achieve those goals and the tasks required in order to accomplish those specific marketing objectives within a timeframe.

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In-house vs. outsourcing marketing

We believe that most companies have already thought about this topic and struggled to make a decision on whether to hire/expand the marketing team or engage with external consultants for filling marketing roles.

Internal marketing teams have a wide understanding of the customer journey, bring new products ideas and there is a cultural connection.

But if you think a fresh and experienced mind, with a broader skill set, will give a boost, we can provide you with a cost-effective CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or Marketing Director temporarily allocated, to help you drive organisational changes, providing strategic direction and leadership on marketing initiatives, ensuring excellence in the delivery.

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