Interim CMO / Marketing Director

Hiring a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or a Marketing Director can be difficult, and in some cases unfeasible, for small and medium business for many reasons, but the bottom line is cost.

The final bill to hire a full-time CMO can be too high; it is not about the salary itself, but all other associated costs such as holiday pay, bonus, sick pay, allowances, pension, insurances and exit costs to mention a few. Everything considered this bill can be around 75% higher than the initial salary itself.

Secondly, finding the right CMO takes significant recruiting resources and often more time than anticipated. Not all organizations are ready to make this commitment given their stage of development.

Interim management tends to be a great alternative to these cases.

Accedor can provide you with an experienced CMO or Marketing Director, to manage organisational changes, drive business transformation, deliver a sales and marketing strategy, bring specialised skill sets into projects, launch products or simply build up a marketing team.

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