Beyond Sales and Marketing!

What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and its objective is to collect and organise data to strengthens your communication with consumers, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. ACCEDOR’s CRM solutions extend the value of the Zoho CRM platform to accommodate relationship management activities beyond traditional sales and marketing. We’ll help you to implement a robust CRM system to manage processes and foster collaboration with customers so you can continue to grow your business.

The Benefits to CRM:

  • Improve Customer Service – Create personal offers/messages based on customers’ historical data – purchases, interests and conversations.
  • Multichannel Marketing – Engage with customers via different devices (Mobile, PC, Tablet) and deliver your message through different channels (email, app, SMS, Social Media, direct mail).
  • Accurate Analytical Data – Gain marketing insights using a centralized data source.




Dentists and Dental Practices:

ACCEDOR improves business processes in Dental Practices by integrating systems and automating manual steps. Our solutions help process patients consent forms, book consultation, create a score or rate system for each of your patients based on their visits to the dental practice, as well as their spending at your practice. Using Zoho CRM, your practice manager will have a better segmentation of your patients in groups of interests, age, demographics or any other type of segmentation. You can offer them bundle treatments or even upsell treatments, such as offer teeth whitening for those who had a dental implant.
ACCEDOR CRM Solution can also help in promotions targeting those who are actually interested in particular treatments.

Marketing for dentist
CRM for law firm

Law Firms:

ACCEDOR builds company-wide Zoho CRM systems for attorneys and their supporting staff to manage client information, matters, business development, and client profitability. We can also implement workflows to inform your staff when your clients’ letters of authorities are about to expire and any other document needs renewal, increasing your company’s profitability. Our implementations integrate third-party systems, providing real-time dashboards to help you monitor performance and profitability metrics.

Solar Farm Energy Suppliers:

For solar panel energy suppliers, ACCEDOR uses Zoho CRM to create a single platform to manage sales, pricing, credit, and the customer retention process.

Zoho CRM helps solar panel companies to:

  1. Manage Stock: Low stock notification, product delivery report, etc.
  2. Manage leads: Lead entry, tracking, converting, etc
  3. Send invoices: Automated quote generation, auto e-mail, invoice generation, expense tracking, etc
  4. Trouble tickets: Manage query entry, provide replacement, etc.
  5. Manage bids documents: Government approval, bid tracking, etc.

We integrate to 3rd party systems such as pricing engines for contract rates and accounting systems.


The construction industry revolves around relationships. Clients often award expensive, high-profile projects based on how well they know and trust a firm.

Each point of communication with a client will strengthen or weaken that trust. That’s why it’s crucial for client-facing staff to know the full picture of their firm’s relationship with a client, but many construction firms still rely on tools like Outlook and Excel to track this information, resulting in employees working from multiple, disparate documents … none of which provide an accurate, up-to-date picture of the firm’s current relationships.

Without a clear understanding of previous conversations, employees often repeat questions or make contradictory promises, which can damage a firm’s reputation with clients and partners. A construction-centric, such as Zoho CRM can eliminate this issue by making accurate, up-to-date and actionable relationship easily accessible.


Accedor Marketing is a full-range service marketing agency in Milton Keynes, providing CRM consultancy, implementation, migration and training services.
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