Lead Generation / Sales Pipeline

Grow your business sales pipeline and convert more customers

Why do you need a Lead Generation program?

Lead generation is the process of attracting customers from specific channels and routing them to sales or marketing teams for conversion.

If your target audience are pet shops, and you are getting robots on your sales funnel, then those leads are less likely to convert. Therefore, your lead generation program is not working well.

Lead generation programs should always be aligned with your company strategy to avoid waste of sales resources.

These are some examples of marketing strategies to grow sales:

  • Market penetration (sell more of your existing products and services to your existing customers)
  • Product development (sell new products and services to your existing customer base)
  • Market development (sell the existing products and services to new customers)
  • Diversification (sell new products and services to new customers)


We’ve helped businesses around the world to grow pipeline, by creating compelling and focused demand generation strategies and tactics, leading to consistent and sustainable pipeline growth, as well as generating new revenue streams.

Marketing Funnel

Lead generation vs Sales pipeline

The marketing lead generation is only the starting point for healthy business performance and sales growth.

A sustainable sales pipeline growth is only achieved with a targeted lead qualification process, that utilises criteria to move leads with a potential realisation, from one stage to another, making the sales team work efficiently with less waste of resources.

We focus on generating quality leads for your business (in-house or remotely), improving your business performance with fewer resources.