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Our mission is to assist our clients in becoming more focused in order to achieve stronger growth and higher returns on their investments.

Have you noticed that some of your marketing initiatives (such as social media, website, etc.) are not delivering the expected results?
Read below to understand why.

What is Marketing Strategy?

A Marketing Strategy is a detailed plan that combines all the company’s goals and objectives into a single comprehensive plan. It contains an analysis of your company, customers, products and services, detailing the list of marketing goals and activities, to make your brand stand out from competitors.

Why companies need a marketing strategy?

A Marketing strategy helps companies to create, communicate and deliver products and services that have value for clients, customers and partners.

It provides companies with an efficient way to use marketing resources, avoiding expenditures in standalone and non-focused activities.

Importance of Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing strategy provides an organization with an edge over its competitors.
  • Strategy helps in developing goods and services with the best profit-making potential.
  • Marketing strategy helps in discovering the areas affected by organisational growth and thereby helps in creating an organisational plan to cater to customer needs.
  • It helps in fixing the right price for the organisation’s goods and services based on information collected by market research.
  • Strategy ensures effective departmental co-ordination.
  • It helps an organisation to make optimum utilization of its resources so as to provide a sales message to its target market.
  • A marketing strategy helps to fix the advertising budget in advance, and it also develops a method which determines the scope of the plan, i.e., it determines the revenue generated by the advertising plan.

In short, a marketing strategy clearly explains how an organization reaches its predetermined objectives.

Accedor is a marketing strategy company in Milton Keynes and we can help you implement a successful marketing strategy for your business to reach its objectives.

Tailored marketing strategy for small business

With a growing number of channels and platforms, there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. That is why our marketing strategy is customised to your needs and reality, and we will start and finish each project with your business goals in mind.

Successful strategies are simple, achievable and time-bounded. Most important: it goes hand-in-hand with your business goals.

Accedor is a marketing strategy agency in Milton Keynes and we will build a Marketing Plan to help you understand your business and how your market works. The marketing plan will also reveal your company’s unique value proposition, enabling clear decision-making. It will contain the marketing objectives which are described to ensure alignment with the business strategies and goals.

The final marketing plan formalises what was before ideas, into concepts, establishing tasks, deadlines and KPIs, making you more in control of your business.

We believe in collaborative work to transform businesses.

Accedor is one of the leading marketing strategy companies in Milton Keynes and we’ve helped companies to implement marketing strategies aligned to sales and company goals, across multiple channels, generating leads and increasing the sales pipeline. With our proven blueprint, we will work with your team to put in place the best marketing strategy for your type and size of business.

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