Full Rebranding to a Family Office and Concierge

CNH Trust is a global family office and concierge business. The traditional company was looking for an expansion to its service range as well as a full branding redesign.

Rebranding projects are always challenging, and here are some of the challenges we faced, and how we overcame them:

Past Perceptions, i.e. their old reputation. Especially current customers may have some difficult time overcoming their previous knowledge and biases concerning CNH brand. To overcome this challenge we maintained crucial elements of CNH previous brand.

Confused Messaging, which is making sure that all of the new messaging is consistent. We overcame this challenge by getting the launch done on the right timing, not confusing current customers and social media followers.

Accedor, in partnership with MobMe in Brazil, recreated the company brand, with a new logo, new branding guide and identity.

We took inspiration from the past to inform the company’s future. Thinking of an organic movement connecting a dynamics of continuous, interconnected and tailored services. The new logo was created from a continuous design that joined the CNH letters (which was the original brand), now forming a single element. The cuts in the typology bring the detail of the contemporary perspective, creating a consistent, modern, dynamic and refined brand.


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