CRM Implementation

When a company is interested in knowing all about its customers, it is when the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system takes place. The concierge division of CNH wanted to have a new CRM system implemented, to understand their customer behaviour, purchasing patterns and mostly, to be able to see when they are online browsing the website, looking for a service.

ACCEDOR customised and implemented a new Zoho CRM system for CNH, integrating the system with the CNH website and with their concierge booking system.

The CRM system now sends a notification to the sales staff whenever an existing or potential client accesses the portal and requests a booking or contact the company. It also sends automated e-mails to their clients on specific dates, such as their birthday.

The solution also included a live chat: The company can now connect with their customers wherever they are, receiving 24/7 notifications of their customers’ request while at the same time have an online chat available to increase conversion rates.

Finally, the CRM system is also integrated with their social media, which facilitates interaction with all customers and the community of followers. It uses data analysis about customers’ history with CNH to improve business relationships, focusing on customer retention and driving sales growth.


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