Digital and Printed Book

As part of the new visual identity and new services offered by our client CNH to its clients, the company needed to develop a new stylish and modern company portfolio of services to send to its clients, while at the same time make it available for download.

Designing and producing a brochure may seem to be simple…

Everything we do is customised, the reason why a simple brochure also has its challenges. Things we have considered to produce high-quality material are:

Audience: we analysed CNH’s target audience for the material, in terms of gender, age and how CNH’s services fulfil their needs, to then decide by colour the message, design, tone and voice.

Purpose: What was the role of the brochure? It’s very important to understand the purpose to ensure the material fulfils it adequately.

Copywriting: Good writing drives sales, so we needed to speak in the language of CNH’s customer, to keep them informed, and mainly, influence them.

Design/Layout: With all the effort put in the writing, we can’t neglect the design. While it’s the writing that carries the majority of the meaning and message of your brochure, the design dictates its pull on the customer and usability – and supports and encourages the call to action.

Accedor in conjunction with MobMe in Brazil produced a very high-quality book that, clients now have no doubt in engaging with CNH when they receive the book.


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