Social Media Management for Concierge

Accedor was asked to develop an integrated marketing campaign aimed at increasing brand recognition while driving more traffic to the website.

There are many challenges to consider and overcome when it comes to social media management and integrated marketing campaigns:

Quantity vs Quality

The balance of both is tricky. Auto-scheduling posts help with volume and coverage, while hand-crafted posts can help with quality and interaction. 

Creating fresh and meaningful content for each audience

It is always challenging to think of new content. Some people believe it is easier to repeat types of content, but nowadays, this doesn’t work anymore.

Tracking progress

Social media is also an investment for companies, and its effectiveness needs to be tracked. 

The solution

Our first step was selecting which marketing channels were appropriate for reaching CNH’s target audience as cost-effectively as possible. We then set budgets, defined the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and set up conversion tracking to measure the campaign.

We launched an integrated campaign that included Google Ads, Remarketing and Social Media Ads. We kept adjusting and optimising the campaign over its corse to improve conversion rates.


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