CRM system is the perfect tool for your remote sales team

Are you still controlling your sales activities with spreadsheets?
Many companies are now migrating to a CRM platform, to empower their remote sales force with better online tools, such as a CRM system.
Remote work is the future. While sales teams across the world are moving towards increased remote working capabilities, we recognize that managing a sales team remotely is no easy feat. CRM ensures that remote work won’t cause a dip in your numbers and that your sales team stays productive wherever they are.

Here is a list of online tools that most CRM system can deliver today

  • Conduct sales presentations and meetings, right from your CRM
  • Streamline your team communication with the e-mail integration
  • Collaborate via chat to accelerate your sales
  • Video collaboration to keep up with your team
  • Make and take calls away from the office
  • Stay alert with call reminders
  • Save time with automatic call logging
  • Keep track of your prospects wherever you are
  • 360-degree customer view
  • Get in-depth sales analytics on your mobile

Which business functions need a CRM system?

Sales Team

With a CRM system, your sales team can streamline the whole sales process. By being able to visualise the sales pipeline, your sales reps can identify the deals that require immediate attention and focus on the most valuable opportunities.

CRM systems give your sales team a comprehensive set of tools to sell efficiently across channels with a structured and repeatable sales process that takes you from lead to cash.

Your sales team can schedule calls, follow-ups, and meetings and take notes. They can also create quotes, sales orders, and send invoices.
Additionally, sales managers can run sales reports and forecasts and review their team’s performance.

Marketing Team

Marketing is not just about creating the perfect campaign; it’s also a lot about reaching out to the right people. With a CRM system, you can divide your customer base into segments, allowing you to send customised messages to every segment.

CRM systems also help your marketing teams to efficiently run campaigns and pass on quality leads to Sales.

Your marketing team can easily integrate lead capture forms on your website, which will log the leads into your CRM system and pass them on to your sales team to follow up.

Since all the customers’ activity is tracked in the system, marketing can gain valuable insights into their behaviour.

Customer Service Team

Using a CRM system helps you store customer preferences and track all activities associated with them. If a customer tells you that they don’t want to receive weekly email updates, you can simply tick a box against them in the CRM, and the emails will stop.

Your customer service team can manage and monitor any post-sale interactions in the CRM system and share important updates with the sales or marketing team. This way, they can fix potential issues and provide solutions faster.


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