Why do you need a marketing strategy?

Companies tend to avoid spending time and resources in a marketing strategy. Instead, they prefer to take actions straightaway, hiring a PPC/SEO campaign, posting on social media and sending tons of e-mails, aiming to get great opportunities in the sales pipeline.

This is a common mistake, which seldom results in achieving the expected objectives and often results in spending more resources than planned.

Have you seen this story before?

We believe in collaborative work to transform businesses.

Accedor has helped companies to implement marketing strategies aligned to sales and company goals, across multiple channels, generating the expected results. With our proven blueprint, we will work with your team to put in place the best marketing strategy for your type and size of business.

You are in control.

With a growing number of channels and platforms, there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. That is why our marketing strategy is customised to your needs and reality, and we will start and finish each project with your business goals in mind.

Successful strategies are simple, achievable and time-bounded. Most important: it goes hand-in-hand with your business goals.

We will build a Marketing Plan to help you understand your business and how your market works. The marketing plan will also reveal your company’s unique value proposition, enabling clear decision-making. It will contain the marketing objectives which are described to ensure alignment with the business strategies and goals.

The final marketing plan formalises what was before ideas, into concepts, establishing tasks, deadlines and KPIs, making you more in control of your business.

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