Milton Keynes Social Marketing, building brands through social media in Milton Keynes and beyond

Social Media Management


Accedor provides social media management in Milton Keynes, for any social media channel, be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube. We have a team of social media management experts that will create your brand’s story, showcasing your products and services with customised imagery and video.

We will also optimise your budget with cost-effective advertising campaigns, grow and engage with your target audiences through effective community management practices.

Did you know that on average, between 70%-80% of the Facebook conversion is lost due to a bad ad strategy? Check our article about best practices on social media for business here.

Social Media Marketing

Cultivate an engaged audience of targeted followers by expanding your online presence, reaching customers, and ultimately, generating leads.


Social Media Strategy

Implement an effective social media marketing strategy using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to create a genuine social network for your business.

Social Media Management

Stay on top of conversations online, improve social media engagement on all platforms, leverage relationships with relevant followers, etc.


Social Media Analysis

Analyse the current social media landscape for your business. This includes, but is not limited to, competition analysis, trend discovery, hashtag research, reputation analysis, and website traffic metrics. Accedor also develops a comprehensive persona report for your targeted audience. This helps us determine who your ideal brand audience is, and how we can best engage with them through visual content and copywriting. If your business is already established on social media, we will analyse your history of posting to determine what strategies have worked well in the past.